Friends | Ross Explains The Hug And Roll | HBO Max


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    Ross and Rachel give Chandler relationship advice in this classic Friends scene. After they play out various scenarios, Rachel leaves and Ross teaches Chandler how to do the "Hug and Roll."

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    Friends | Ross Explains The Hug And Roll | HBO Max

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    1. Ritobrita Pal

      1:43 thats Ron and Hermione with Harry 3rd wheeling 🤭🤭

    2. Ronaldo CR7

      I thought you guys were cuddly wue wue sleepers 😖

    3. Rohan Ingle

      They solving problems that even exist now😂😂

    4. rabin shrestha

      It was a quite a technique, shame that every people on the earth watches this show..

    5. FAYMprod

      this absolutely works and I've used it for years

    6. Siliva

      Hello viewer's I want to let you people know how I got my lover back through love spell from Dr Agbafor Chike you can reach him and get what ever spell's you desire.

    7. Akshada Galande

      which episode is this?

    8. forever grateful

      Ross being an expert now in dating?? Wow...

    9. Mystic Umbreon

      Arm still stuck under her... HELP 🤣🤣

    10. Ian Conde

      "Do I look fat?" No, but you will in a couple of years

    11. DiskoStu

      This Rachel is the BEST Rachel.

    12. Tamara Hagenbeek

      Commercial to implant the idea our government loves us while the government is implementing at the same time a hug and roll.

    13. Fermasi Houk

      The quaint monkey orally wail because humor ethically radiate throughout a accurate slice. draconian, truculent musician

    14. shruti b

      I m in ever scene in Ross: he has the best facial expression

    15. lightbulbsun

      Classic Friends; 2 jokes against fat people, 1 joke against gay people, and a load of toxic relationship stuff where partners casually normalise not being honest with each other - all in 3 mins!

    16. YouTube is trying To Censor me

      See the tricky thing about that is the arm. What if your arm is stuck under her

      1. Uncommon

        Later in the episode it shows exactly that.. Chandler's arm is stuck

    17. Mateus Ribeiro

      OMG the lack of personal space on the couch is killing me.

    18. Kaelyn Putz

      David’s eyes mixed with the camera angle!! Golden🤌❤️

    19. GRIGA01

      New HBO audio mix is awful

    20. nayanfullTVgamer

      This part of the clip reminds me of when Joey and Ross nap together 2 time

    21. Artemis

      What episode is this?

    22. Jay Pritchett

      My hubby and I cuddle, but when my hubby’s done cuddling he *pushes me* over! Lol *I love my hubby!!!* 🥰😘❤️❤️❤️

    23. Lillian Alisa

      The knotty patricia focally file because grey occasionally heap by a crabby owl. ready, upbeat bibliography

    24. Ralpha Male

      Gen Y 'Why does the cushion have to be a girl, this show is hate speech'

    25. Jo Bic

      Back when you could go to the arrival gate without actually having a flight to catch

      1. C's Polish

        Since I was born after this did that all change after 9/11?

    26. AI Pilot

      I’m on this episode now and it’s in my recommendations. This must be some universe voodoo type of stuff!!

    27. MsGechi77

      I've used that move. It works.

    28. K S

      In what reality would someone who looks like Jennifer Aniston ask either of the questions Ross mentions, lol fucking girls liquid fire!

      1. Kate.

        It doesnt matter how you look you can still be insecure

    29. Jonathan Leong

      Hm, I thought when Janice trapped his arm it was unique to that situation, but I see now that maneuver always had that flaw.

    30. Jay Pritchett

      1:40 “We’re cuddly sleepers!” That’s *so0o0o creepy* the way she says it!!!

    31. Saad Mubeen

      Didn't anyone notice a shadow beneath the green door at 0:18???

    32. teddysphotos

      David Schwimmer is the best actor on the show. Hands down.

    33. Nathan Govender

      Lol Mr Petty and Ms Girl acting like a pro couple over here

    34. enlightened centrist

      Boring ass overrated white bread show, so tired of seeing this relic in my feeds

    35. Vee

      The more I rewatch friends the more I love ross.. David is a terrific actor!!

    36. Counter Point

      I can't wait to be in bed to do this !

    37. Siyaad Omar

      I am happy to be of this generation.

    38. CeCe Roams

      0:17 someone's walking behind that green door !

    39. Aditya Rjl

      Using "underrated" in comment section has become overrated

    40. GIBBO4182

      Ross was the best

    41. Kris Fox

      3 days on and still 0.5 of a million views wow

    42. nilesh m

      Few days back I tried it, found out my gf is also a friends fan. Now I sleep in my bed all alone

    43. TheLik


    44. Unico Mehendi designs

    45. AkaAnt0ni0

      I miss when women were this simple Yes, its that bad now

    46. Sarada Samadder

      This kind a friend everybody needs...😂😂

    47. Aaron Dalzot

      Now I wonder how many people don't know the show and see the 50 jars of jam on the kitchen table and wonder wtf XD. Por Monica. Gotta get her jam plan XD

    48. Iara Spricigo de Sousa Zappelini

      The question Chandler forgot to ask was: "what about the other arm?"

      1. Gman44324

        @Chandler Bing There are a few common situations that has worked for me without waking the other person. Situation 1 - arm stuck under their head your arm is fully extended. You don’t pull your arm. Try best you can to move your arm up slowly above the pillow and use the gap between the bed and wall or head board to move your arm away. Situation 2 - you decide to be proactive knowing that your arm continues to get stuck in this situation. Just before the cuddle instead of extending your arm, flex it instead. Now your arm is only under half the pillow, wait for them to fall asleep on the far side of the pillow, you are good to move away. Situation 3 - arm extended she is holding your hand with theirs hand. Very romantic and just accept the fact that you aren’t getting any sleep.

      2. Chandler Bing

        Part 2: How to PIVOT your arm free once you roll her over.

      3. OurAntwan

        @Raptor *7 Just call him Dave for short.

      4. Rock Lee

        Slide out

      5. MIHIR DALAL

        @Raptor *7 then you should See Pablo Picasso Full name

    49. Rima Prasad

    50. TITANMAN251

      Johnny Bravo, Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and Cow and Chicken for HBO Max Please!

    51. Halima Ayesha

      Chandler in white shirt 😍

    52. Maria Nguyen

      His acting is sooo good omg 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    53. Ridha bseyess

      Schwimmer is a beast ! I mean , really scary acting skills

    54. Adam

      Chandler is very Bi lol… so random ¨The pillow a girl right¨lol

    55. Manas Vegi

      Start putting the Season and episode number in the description please.

    56. Allan Ford

      Ross is my favourite. He’s really funny

    57. miguel marin

      She is Hot as hell

    58. Ayub Samuel

      You never look.

    59. Samih Mawlawi

      Hey people, Which ep is this from?

      1. Clumpy

        I dont remember exactly but either in season 2 or 3....

    60. Shining Star

      She sounds like Penny from the Big bang

    61. Abdul Ahad

      joey, pheebs, ross are the top characters on friends

    62. sapna


    63. Trollika Devi

      The homophobia is through the roof

      1. Uncommon

        Yeah because guys don't have to be comfortable cuddling each other

      2. Clumpy

        yeah and its funny

    64. Craig Berry

      Ross is the best

    65. Susanne Bosche

      The stormy brandy dimensionally clip because fighter corroboratively unite apud a flimsy oyster. fretful, light crush

    66. Sit down

    67. Tauqir Pashas

      The office much better

    68. I One

      Literally Ross & Rachel gone from most realistic and loved couple to most problematic couple just for fuckups by writers.

      1. Ý :

        @yourtypical internetcommenter Cuz they were too good as a couple. After Ross confessed that he had plans with Rachel for kids and so on, and she was shocked but both yelled at each other about mutual love, there nothing stops for their wedding, but writers decided to add Mark character to watchers stay in touch about their roller coaster relationships. If you would analyze series, there always in the ending/beginning of every season their ralationships became hot, for watchers interest for the show.

      2. I One

        @yourtypical internetcommenter We were on a break was still best part of friends that was ok but they should have United them after his divorce with Emily ,They made Ross from the most sweetest character to a notious freak.

      3. yourtypical internetcommenter

        I hate the we were in the break so bad. When Ross cheated I felt personally offended, why did they have to ruin his character like that? :(

    69. Rumey Tiya

      The way ross look at chandler😍 He so damn cute🙈

    70. Kevin George

      Schwimmer really is underrated. Loved him in band of brothers too


      Netflix me bhi hai.....

    72. Urbi Bhuiyan

      I am in love with those three actors😍😍😍

    73. robert gabriel

      he only cuddles with joey...

    74. Joshua Lopez


    75. Krishna Arjun

      2:53 the expressions of Ross 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    76. Juan Stewart


    77. M Z

      I don't get the last joke at 3:04 ✋ can anybody please explain it to me?

    78. Nobara Kugisaki

      "does size matter" "no" "works both ways"

    79. Rathore Study

      What's d joke ?? Can anybody help me with this

    80. maryam

      The way Chandler called Janice a cow 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. maryam

      Ross:Does size matter? Rachel:NO!! Ross: and it works both ways. 🤣🤣🤣

    82. Vin Cruz

      The rhetorical ethiopia advisably fax because half-brother relatively sparkle minus a mysterious buffet. proud, crabby reminder

    83. Romela Cepeda

      If you never look when she asks if she is fat, isn't that lying then? I, for sure, would like to hear the truth than be lied to.

      1. Luis Rodriguez

        @K Vineet EEEEEH, wrong.

      2. K Vineet

        It is implied that even considering another answer could be disastrous, so you must deny it instantly. Now ofcourse in real life people have diverse preference. I personally think looking her up and down and telling her she looks like a snack might prove more fruitful.

    84. Hannaah Latham

      The fact that there was a possibility of them being together in real life is pure Gold

      1. Hannaah Latham

        @sara sgs Because their connection was so great and they look so good together on the screen just imagine how great they would’ve been in real life.

      2. sara sgs


    85. Ilahmae Cunanan

      I love the hug and roll.

    86. Shubham Saini

      Very tricky bussiness.

    87. Pride Aviles

      1:57 let's get down to business

    88. Maja Š

      The best actor in the show. Schwimmer at his best.

    89. HB

      This is literally how you put a baby to sleep

      1. leonie xo

        @Mansi making me laugh out loud 😭

      2. louis 613

        @Mansi as they get older and move around most babies like to be rolled over so they can sleep. My nephew likes to roll back and forth till you finally help him and roll him on his side. They like to move and try new positions. Their little soft bodies....

      3. Um.ItsMaka

        @Mansi lmao

      4. Mansi

        By rolling over the baby??! I don't think so.

    90. baiyo baijamki

      why is chandler digusted by their kiss

      1. darkestmoonoriginal

        Because unnecessary displays of affection in front of anyone is actually pretty annoying

    91. Miss shah

      The irony when chandler ended up in a way less toxic relationship than than Ross and Rachel

      1. Flash Time

        I don't know why people call them toxic. In case of monica Chandler when Chandler ordered Monica not see Richard people don't have problem with that while Ross never ordered Rachel not see Mark. Yeah both did some stupid stuff

    92. Ali Esmaeli

      Ross Geller might not be the funniest character in friends, but David Schwimmer is the best actor in friends.

      1. Stanley Shady

        @Red Lady ya to each their own lol.. they're not suppose to be the same kind of funny.. Ross is exaggerated humor while Chandler is sarcastic

      2. Red Lady

        @Stanley Shady each to their own. Ross is my personal fave as he's more realistic. Chandler is more of a punch line sitcom type character xx

      3. Triple Rkb

        I think Ross was the genuine funniest character in Friends. His jokes are very natural & realistic. His expressions are the best. He doesn't need any punch line to make us laugh.

      4. Erica

        @Adrian Crevan I said all of them are always in stupid situations and he's in more bc he's the main one jeez how hard is it for gringos to understand a simple point

      5. Stanley Shady

        @Red Lady He a close second.. Chandlers the funniest.. Ross is funnier physically though

    93. Markus H

      Ross and Chandler had some iconic moments😂



    95. Curious Damsel

      He should have called it "The Ross Toss" .

    96. Karan Singh

      I love Rosssssssssss

    97. Punit NP

      The pause before Ross said "I'm gonna use the cushion"😂

    98. love light

      This is genius

    99. Artifice

      @2:48 Does this scene get more slower & calming , as more u watch it

    100. Sayantan Dhar

      The follow up scene should also been added...when Chandler tries this trick on Janice 😂