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    The cast of Friends try not to laugh as a blooper reveals Matt LeBlanc repeatedly tripping in one scene.

    Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer reunite in Friends: The Reunion, now streaming on HBO Max:


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    Friends: The Reunion | Joey Trips | HBO Max

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    1. Maia Mendez

      i love how lisa kudrow was literally there yet it felt like she was reacting to matthew coming in out of the blue lol

    2. Tsagia

      Is that Kauffman laughing backstage?

    3. scorsesesgirl

      Can we TALK about how hot the guy with the clapperboard is

    4. Саня Антифриз

      а че с чендлером ,он как будто пластику сделал

    5. Loven Loveleen

      Lisa kudrow didn't change she is same young phoebe

    6. Mei-Belle Sun

      its so endearing seeing them aged and then looking and remembering themselves when they were younger. getting old is natural and beautiful and being able to experience this nostalgia together is so rare

    7. Gananathan 6382

      I want tamil dubbing

    8. Amine Moughanime

    9. S M

      Miss friends so much.. Friends and Scrubs will be always the top for me

    10. Ringleader24 T

      Probably the best group of friends that are loyal and are still close 20years later

    11. MJ Manzano

      0:19 That thud is so funny. :D

    12. sami zwyk

      They should have kept the falling bc I'm pretty sure would have fell too 😭

    13. Полина Ограйц

      У них лица такие замерзшие, неподвижные, искусственные.

    14. wala

      It's supposed to be funny, but I cry every time I watch it 😭💔💔.

    15. OHCAM5

      Courtney and Jennifer has done ALOT to their faces

    16. Delman Pronto

      it looks great on the outside but if i'm correct aniston didn't' invite any of the guys to her wedding, and schwimmer didn't invite her either to his wedding with buckman.

    17. makingofkira

      I love this show, but I don't know why this looks cringe to me.

    18. John Bar

      At the end of the day, Joey is portrayed as stupid but Matt can actually remembers the most

    19. Darren Scott

      The telling panda spectacularly suffer because capricorn developmentally learn failing a three digestion. hanging, bored coke

    20. Jade M

      Matt was so handsome back in his day. Such a cute face

    21. Joceline Rodriguez

      Ask me how many times I’ve watch it so I can say on repeat

    22. DineByNine

      They just went over and explained scenes that we have watched over and over again since the show ended? I thought it was a proper reunion episode

      1. Sane Man

        Not all of them were up for it saying it ended well & would taint the legacy which is very smart of them... they did extra specials with only fools & horses & it completely ruined the iconic happy ending they gave the show...

    23. Max_program

      I love Friends! My favorite actor is JOEY! It was very cool and funny. let's say Chandler is even funnier :D

    24. Robert Buth

      Throughout the entire reunion I was so impressed to see how much detail Matt LeBlanc remembered from the show.

    25. Rocking Rachelle

      I live for these

    26. Christopher O shea

      Schizofriendzia Plastic

    27. jadamson1031

      Awww, Lisa's laugh is the same after all these years!

    28. I've been trollin'

      is it me or is it that joey and phoebe are the only ones without plastic on their face?

    29. Lynne M

      God I love Friends! ❤️

    30. Kimdk87

      What a nice group of people. Such a shame to see Aniston and Cox faces though. Looking so alien

    31. Gerard Climis

      who wants to be old and fat? no one! the guys are aging pretty bad.. the girls with all the surgery and botox look pretty good.

    32. Jesus Siles

      Friends: The one in which everybody has botox

      1. Jesus Siles

        @Angela m You understand it was a joke, right?

      2. Angela m

        Not everyone. Joey and phoebe didn’t

    33. Le Hoang

      anyone is bothered by their plastic face now... botox and plastic surgery did kill the real emotion. Nevermind me.

    34. Who knows: Nobody

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    35. Akhil Benny

      Only pheebs(Lisa kudrov) looks the same

    36. KGN7

      To this day, I still feel sorry for that guy in the black and white shirt walking in the background. You can tell he’s tired of their shit.... the Matt Perry runs in lol

    37. muaz syiha

      Did lisa kudrow aged at all?? She got 0 wrinkles......none at all that it seemd more unnatural than natural

    38. Tai Araujo

      0:19 - I can't stop! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    40. Sal Puma

      That's okay Matt.... it's moo

    41. Curtis Steele

      Matt aged beautifully (as far as the guys go)... But we all know what happened to Matthew I guess... David pretty much looks like... Ross

    42. Khy Maaren

      It's amazing how they actually lived their own show and became the group of best friends they were playing.

    43. harry hill

      Its "friedstuffwithcheese" Joey'''.

    44. Endah Rismala

      Good to know that Mathew still remember the scene...🤗

    45. toomanylayers

      Not that funny lol

    46. Meagan Music25

      this show has been around ever since i was younger i saw my mom watching it.

    47. Inu

      I'm disappointed no one is mentioning how hard the producer was laughing. Seems she felt out of her seat from laughing so hard xD she's a gem.

    48. dean2663

      I guess going to the gym every once in awhile wasn’t an option for the two Matt’s

      1. Charlie Griffey

        Better than the plastic surgery and drugs that have taken a toll on everyone else in the cast (except perhaps Lisa Kudrow, IDK about her).

    49. آموزش زبان فرانسه قدم به قدم

      Monica has changed so badly! Why? She was perfect before! Same with Rachel , why they used so much artificial stuff on their faces? Phibi aged nicely!

      1. Kim Samuels

        Yea Monica looks completely different. I couldn't figure out what's going on with Rachel's face. Not trying to be mean but it just looked really weird.... like puffy. She still is slim so I was like why does she look so different.

    50. dbreiden83080

      Someone should tell Matt LeBlanc about low calorie diets.

      1. dbreiden83080

        @Aimee McDonald How poorly he takes care of himself, yeah it is..

      2. Aimee McDonald

        This is so unnecessary.

    51. posthocprior

      LeBlanc looks so terrible, it's shocking.

    52. torinobob

      My favourite Friends blooper. The only other that comes close is Emma laughing at Amy.

    53. huqreme cihunlut

      The guiltless craftsman bizarrely remember because millennium unprecedentedly kiss about a enthusiastic ophthalmologist. splendid, orange cherry

    54. Roman L

      I never got that first blooper,was there some carpet that he stumpled over?

    55. Henrik Anchelia

      They even kept the old tv! :v

    56. P6

      Matthew had an alcohol induced stroke for sure.

    57. Quantum Shhhart

      people talking about MAtt seeming off.. but it just sounds like his teeth ain't glued in proper.

    58. Quyết Thắng Đàm

      :))) what happened to Joey

    59. bruterasta

      Jenifer looks kinda... no?

    60. bluesque

      Matt le blanc needs to cut down on fat. He will be Joey again from 20 years ago!!

    61. robin. jashinsky

      Lisa Kudrow has the cutest laugh.

    62. Indre

      LeBlanc is the only one of the cast, embracing his age and looking great. The others are hard to watch :)

    63. Kiss myass

      Lisa look so beautiful and younger than Cox and Jennifer

    64. Moite tonsing

    65. Ayush

      Have you noticed, we never got to see the left side of Joey and Chandler's apartment (the one opposite to the kitchen) and even Monica's too

      1. Alexa Weisbarth

        It's a stage, theres no wall there. Sometimes you see it when they shoot from different angles the build a wall to make it look like a real apartment but that's where they shoot from so you wouldn't see that side.

    66. Budoy Walkman

      Liza and Mat aged gracefully.The rest are under botox.

    67. Jason Ingram

      😇 Lisa Kudrow Is Beautiful 😇

    68. Etigress

      0:22 the guy in the grey sweater behind Matt is like "wtf did he trip on?"

      1. Baby Mathew

        Yeahh.. I noticed that 😂😂😂😂

      2. Hedwig


    69. Grow Up Diary

      They all are so amazing 😍😍

    70. Grow Up Diary

    71. Zaki Naby Zada

      Why don’t you upload the whole thing so poor people could see also.

    72. Korbin Hutchinson

      The inexpensive cupcake diagnostically grin because medicine indisputably suspend inside a scandalous panty. bizarre, animated tortellini

    73. Khadra Abeeb

      Omg 😱 the coffee ☕️ house 🏡 my My memories are coming through now

    74. Emily Hughes

      I’ve seen this blooper before but I think I’ve never seen the part where Marta was laughing so hard someone had to help her back up.

    75. mkedrona

      I really wish I could watch the reunion

    76. Lili

      Yeah, Chandler’s trip was kinda cringe

    77. Hereathome7

      Joey tripiani

    78. 123455667

      Lisa aged very well. Matt is ageing gracefully. Jennifer on the other hand....not so much

    79. Mohammed Faisal

      It's not the reunion I was expecting to be honest. The reunion was good but the one I wanted to see was how their characters would be now. Bringing in Paul Rudd as Mike as a father to a couple of Phoebes kids. Ross and Rachel having another child with Emma being 19 now. Cole sprouse obviously growing up to be a man, he's almost 29 now but the character would be 26. So having him in the show would have been great. Having Joey finally settled down with that sandwich shop he mentioned in the reunion. Showing how chandler monica and his teenage twins are doing now. Well they should be 18 next year too. So that's the reunion episode I wanted well not an episode. They could have done a proper movie on it when it was the 25th anniversary or when it's 20 years after the final episode so in three years. Or they could have done a proper season on it around 10 episodes or more but a movie or two sounds better. It's something we wanted but never got and probably now never will. The right time to make a movie was always during the show was on so in between 1994-2004 and one a few years after it finished like maybe 2007 or 2008. Or they could have made a movie in 2009 then another one in 2014 and so on every few years to keep or refreshing

    80. Sh. Zh.

      Chandler always makes something more juicy.

    81. Nik

      I feel like most of the fandome comes from India. Just an obsevation. On a side note, i am really happy for the guys getting back together. I would actually pay to see the fellas lose the extra pounds, just to see them young-ish once again :)

      1. slovní curling

        They reportedly got 2mill each for this how much are you willing to pay them to lose weight?

    82. Marina Sena


    83. Ally Lou

      Lots of laughs 😊💖👍

    84. victoria hale

      Matthew perry seems like he was one of those guys who was INSUFFERABLE in real life. Just like a clown at every minute for attention

    85. Fåď

      This is lame btw

    86. Me Miss Marie

      Omg he LAUNCHED himself 😂😂😂😂

    87. Delroy Joshua Pereira

      Who's the lady in the blooper reel that's falling on the floor laughing? Is it Marta?

    88. Masroof Insaan

      Friends watching Friends, weird 😂

    89. Twice

      What does looking down at their mark mean? Why do they need to look doen and who is the lady laughing

      1. Kerri Alley

        It’s for camera blocking, actors have a specific spot they need to stand on or walk to so the cameras can film them without having focus issues or blocking other actors in the frame.

    90. ibarissen maya

      Who's that woman in the corner I don't understand

    91. saif 2457

      Was this the whole reunion? Cause if it is I am not going to watch it. I was hoping it would be a formal episode where the "friends" would reunite and show where they are now.

    92. Ajay Sheoran

      They used to make us laugh and now they are making us cry. You guys are the best thing ever happened in the world of comedy.

    93. Gerson A. Perez

      Name of this episode?

    94. Justme Sweetmay

      Lisa's laugh is so contagious

    95. 룐믄은낑깡

      조이는 내 이상형이었는데 특히 시즌8

    96. Jorge Jefferson

      Holy crap, I was wondering why Norm Mcdonald was in this because I did not remember him being on the show.....It was Chandler!!!!!

    97. anabrang

      dude that joey fall scene should be for the scene i love it

    98. Nick Buckhoreelall

      Plastic surgery: The Reunion

    99. chandani tuladhar

      Why god they are so old?

    100. Googl e

      J man and channy