Friends: The Reunion | Rewatching the Series | HBO Max


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    The cast of Friends talk about their experiences rewatching the series and how seeing themselves on screen makes them feel.

    Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer reunite in Friends: The Reunion, now streaming on HBO Max:


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    Friends: The Reunion | Rewatching the Series | HBO Max

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    1. m0921_ _

      When is this on SEprom?

    2. Юлия Моисеева

      Я нихрена не понимаю, что они говорят, но чувствую, что это круто 👍👍👍.

      1. Ed

        там довольно примитивный английский

    3. Hartmann Denham

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    4. Katherine Johnson

      Who's michelle????

      1. Katherine Johnson

        Never mind, It's her husband.

    5. Victoria102395

      Why is the camera never on Matt? Are they hiding him or something?

    6. Kev

      time is undefeated. Hot damn.

    7. macherie016

      why is this filmed from behind them

    8. Saxon Ray

      Courtney Cox is on the way to being that old actress with horrible face lifts!

    9. The AwesomEvan148

      When I saw the teaser for it, I forgot how long it’s been since Friends was a thing and realised that they’re getting old. Oh god.

    10. mayang

      I thought the reunion of the characters ,.. I mean new special episode something like, a day in life of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel and Ross now during pandemic. Not just sitting around as themselves and chatting about the good old days. Well, we can't have it all.

    11. PJB

      It bothers me so much that they really don't know anything about thier own show. LeBlanc is the only one who knows anything.

    12. Hugh Corry

      Worth watching but no need for James Corden, he is just cringe 🤦‍♂️

    13. Sukanta Satpati

      Omg till now i don't even know that these episodes are old

    14. Payal

      How unlucky these 6 people are. They can never have that excitement, happiness and curiosity while watching friends.

    15. Middle 8P

      Wow. They can't even kiss each other's asses in a believable way. I'll never understand how this shit show stayed on the air for so long.

    16. Heidi Christensen


    17. Ephraim Pacheco

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    18. Bejean Park

      These six persons completes my day those times that I was so down ❤️

    19. A. S.

      The who is who of plastic surgery.

    20. Hard Life

      I thought it was a gathering of inventing something good for human beings. A gathering which would save the world. I've never thought it was like a gathering of talking about those immoral lessons given to a previous generation.

    21. sipou kujae

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    22. Pleyland

      Lisa Kudrow is literally an angelic being

    23. katy k

      Matt saying he doesn't believe himself but then just being completely Joey in logic 💖💖

    24. Marzi

      WOOOOW, scary new faces 😵😵

    25. Sumi Das

      Did you notice, when Jennifer was saying that Ross would be playing with bones, and Matt started laughing; and then she said "it always cracks Joey up"..(not in this scene btw).and no one of them even noticed it 🥰. you see, that name just so fits with Matt..😊😊..I really liked that part ..

      1. Devy Larasati

        Yes, I noticed. I remember thinking, why did she say Joey instead of Matt?

    26. SELEN ’

      How can watch the whole episode? Pls help

    27. being mohsin

      Cox wouldn't like to watch last 2,3 seasons I guess

    28. C. HC

      Wtf are these camera angles

    29. Katie Matie

      Lisa saying her iconic “oh” at 0:33 😫🙌💗

    30. Who knows: Nobody

      God loves you so much! He sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins 1 John 4:9 repent from your sins Jesus Christ is coming soon !revelations 22:20

    31. Kay Sp

      Jennifer actually shut up for once. It is nice to hear from the other actors and not her each time. On another note, those glasses she's wearing don't look good and her mouth is so stretched bc of surgeries. She needs to stop doing anything around her mouth as it doesn't look good at all.

    32. can yildiz

      God they all look so strange - especially le blqnc, perry and aniston. Probably all just plastic

    33. Sarah Lang

      Oh my goodness! I watched many times the full seasons. They helped me a lot to go through a deep depression... Gratitude!

    34. Nicko

      Stream it on Netflix!!!!

    35. THABREEZ 456

      The girls have ages really well. Courtney looks different….not old but different. Matthew Perry definitely aged the worse. David and Matt look old but pretty happy.

      1. THABREEZ 456

        @Charlie Griffey schwimmer looks alright and happy and I know Courtney Has had some plastic surgery of some kind but I think Jenifer looks alright. What makes you think she got it as well? She just looks slightly older. Yeah Perry’s been through a lot in his life so it’s no surprise That he looks the way he does in some scenes. Still they all had fun and I loved this reunion so much

      2. Charlie Griffey

        Matt looks by far the most normal of everyone, followed by Lisa. The other girls have had a ton of plastic surgery, and I think Schwimmer has some as well. Matthew Perry I don't believe so but the drugs have really messed him up physically.

    36. tor imas

      I just watch the reunion and it was absolutely perfect.

    37. YUC Online Class

      What kind of camera angle was that? Strange 🙄!!

    38. fediu gicai

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    39. Tywin Lannister

      Lisa Kudrow aged so well, she is natural and beautiful.

    40. Pablo Ordonez

      It’s funny how everyone went hard on botox

    41. t w

      so this reunion is just them talking about the show? lol no thanks.

    42. Manar Kh

      Did anybody notice Jen's expression on her face when David speak about her daughter 😍😍

      1. Angela m


    43. Måyuri The Wãnderer

      Jennifer and David stealing looks is quite interesting...

      1. Middle 8P

        THEY'RE ACTORS. Get a grip.

      2. Anne-Lieke Berloo


    44. Junward Soyosa

      Lisa haven’t aged a bit 🥰🥰

    45. robin. jashinsky

      The One With the F. R. I. E. N. D. S. Reunion.

    46. Jimmy Tea

      Fuck they look terrible. The work they've done makes them almost unrecognisable. Lisa looks great

    47. Where are the turtles?!

      0:38 That's interesting. Maybe it's the imposter syndrome or something..

    48. Meeta Agrawal

      You guys were so real in every episodes

    49. Abdul Ahad

      Thanks for making us laugh in this depressing world

    50. MarkoRollo

      Anyone notice when Jennifer said I've seen them all she sounded a lot like Le Blanc? Synchronized sentence? Lol

    51. sadas

      I can believe what Leblanc was saying. If you watch your own acting you must be able to see small, faked mannerisms that others just do not see.

    52. ervin chua

      The thing is about FRIENDS is they’re basically the same persona that they’re playing. For the most part, they are actually being themselves. That is why it captures the audience’s heart. It has one of the most genuine casts.

    53. Steve Senson

      Just sad and overrated!

    54. Amazing Vipul

      Joey is so cool👌

    55. Norm La Marche

      How truly pathetic to see these burned out pseudo stars, ralfing up more vomit on how fabulous it all was. It's as sad making as a Cosby Show reunion, or Jim and Tammy Faye. I'm weeping as I type. Such lack of dignity.

    56. Captain Frosty

      I don't understand why they said "we don't know" with regards to Chandler bings job when I thought he worked with statistical analysis and data configuration? Or did I dream he said that in an episode?

    57. Josue Rodriguez

      Jennifer Anniston has so much Botox she can't move her face :o

    58. Rajesh Khanna

      Where is Chandler (Matthew perry) ?

    59. Cassie Ruiz

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    60. Joe Foley

      I thought they all watched them together during the series

    61. Lego Post Presidency Stop motion Videos

      It Would Be Funny if Matt LeBlanc Said "How You Doin?"

    62. snake eyes

      Plastic faces

    63. CliffJumpingProd

      anyone else disappointed that they didn't bring out Emma to show her the video from her first birthday though? She's 18 this year!

    64. Marina Sena


    65. Bina Garten

      It is sad and amazing to think you will from now never get a show with all the cast that is all white! Watching a a lot of shows and one sees that the greatest shows had an all white cast, but television is a great programming tool to get the public to see what is normal. You will note that Black men, mixed race black women, Indian women, Asian women are now seen is the norm, but again like black women with dark skin, Indian men are not normalised.

    66. RidgeRunner

      Irish Uncle is the only natural person there. In more ways than one. Schwimmer is zero different from Ross, that's not acting. I wouldn't recognize Courtney Cox on the street. Kudrow looks pretty darn good, but hard to tell from this. I notice some work done on Anniston's eyes in this, which I'd not picked up on before. She's aged very well, she should just leave it natural, people know how old she is, you can't stop aging. But actors usually are ALWAYS acting, foolish to think this would be any different. Of the group, Joey dude comes off the most real, including the girth.

    67. lilly loves rain

      The one where they kiss up to eachother 😂

    68. lilly loves rain

      "I don't believe the acting that i do because I Know it'd not true because it's me doing it" MOO POINT ALERT

    69. 김문섭

      I want to be next to lisa kudrow when she watches friends and listen to her laughter

    70. Forward To The Past

      The real winner is Botox and filler

    71. Lidia

      I have two questions: 1: WTF did Jennifer Aniston do to her face?! 2: HOLY SHIT WTF DID COURTENEY COX DO TO HER FACE?!?!?!?!


        Huh? They both did their face since 10+ years ago, the heck? It's public knowledge.

    72. Prakriti Desai

      ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉ. .. 0:01

    73. bloodsling

      Schwimmer aged the best,so much so it's almost freaky

      1. Charlie Griffey

        He definitely had some sort of work done, plastic surgery wise. Lisa aged the best, but Matt aged the most real.

    74. Chae Bae

      It was so emotional watching the 6 of them all reunited after 17 years. Best cast ever.

    75. MugurDeBrad

      I can just predict how Brad Pitt is going to start flirting with Jennifer Aniston...

    76. Kirstine Dyberg Albrektsen

      Did anyone else notice the moment where joey and rach say it almost perfectly timed so it looks like rachel has a very deep voice?

    77. Jake & Brandy Stapleton

      Love it. My favorite show

    78. Luigi

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    79. New Hollywood Movie Hub

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    80. CALL ME JAY

      I think it should of been called friends: The one where we reunited . As the majority of the episodes had the one before the episode name

      1. dietisgreat

        *round of applause for stating the obvious*

    81. dk 007

      Guys don't go for plastic surgery u can see this

    82. chilli pom pom

      This was very short.i wanted it to be at least 4 hours long :(

    83. king invictus

      When they say - I didnt seen them all - you know they aren't telling the truth.. I just don get it why... They think they are cool ?

    84. Stephen Stotch

      Why aren’t they showing Matthew’s face. I know he’s had and continues to have issues with addiction, but was he drunk or high on the night? He barely does anything and seems like he really doesn’t want to be there

    85. Ben Cloud

      I loved it all !! Love this show and the actors !!

    86. Andrelis Andrulionelis

      Fking hell this is dissapointing . They already had this sit down :(

    87. SwingCat 2000

      Wow... This actually sucks more than the pandemic

    88. kaia whogivesashit

      ughhh I really wanted to know what Michele said

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    90. Saurabh Ringe

      62 people must be hanged and tortured becuz they didnt like this

    91. Nima Dima

      Why this in my recommendation after i watch Jojo clip?

    92. niteshmurti

      can we all just leave these six people alone. All they wanna do is live quietly in retirement

    93. Nathan Gutowski

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    94. Dark Phoenixx

      Its amazing how even when you're apart from each other for such a long time, but when you come back together, it's like you never were apart. That's how real friends are, and it's amazing.

    95. Guillermo Nicolás Miranda Ulibarri

      Love u guys.

    96. Jonathan Cineus

      Too bad it’s on HBO Max... I would’ve loved to see it.

    97. VigilAntiks

      Did Matthew Perry had a stroke or something? he doesn't seem right

    98. Fari

      I love that they watch the show!

    99. Andreas S

      There was magic. Everyone would love the older friends.

    100. barryoffeastenders

      Some serious botox on that couch