Friends: The Reunion | Ross and Rachel | HBO Max


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    It’s the kiss that changed all our lives. Watch Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer relive the moment where Ross and Rachel finally got together.

    Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer reunite in Friends: The Reunion, now streaming on HBO Max:


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    Friends: The Reunion | Ross and Rachel | HBO Max

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    1. erika frey


    2. lonelysoul

      David was always the best actor in the show, followed by Courteney. I mean everything about him was brilliant, from his physical acting and expressions to perfect delivery. Also Jen really should sweep him up right now, cause he really deserves to be happy and I'm sure there is plenty of girls who would like him

    3. Pleiades

      Makes me cry😢 i love em all ❤️❤️❤️

    4. Ariana Grande Fan

      Do the guys stay in touch. The girls do. Le blanc said once he had dinner with perry..but u haven't come across anything else that the guys stay in touch. It would be a real.shame if all 6 are not in touch.

    5. SharminStyle

      The fact that Ross can still say the dialogue so nicely is wonder

    6. Miss Muliari

      Aku sedih.......karna artinya gw menua uga hehhehehee

    7. I wanna sit on Tom Hardy's face

      Mate her face in the thumbnail is nightmare fuel ngl 😂

    8. Chelsea Daley

      I always loved other celebrities in other tv shows and also for other movies of how much other people have their own share of chemistry on each other it's amazingly cool I wish I knew how to do the same like they all did

    9. Yurie Choi

      I'm crying

    10. Nirvana Gunesh

      Here's the link to the piano music that plays in the background for everyone who's asking ❤ :

      1. Mareena Francis

        Thank you!!

      2. Enrico

        Thank you!!! Been trying to find it

    11. athira manoj

      Everything happend for good. What if jen and david ended up like brad and jen. We wouldn't have get a chance to see the friendship btn them even after so much years

    12. Erajane

      ❤❤❤ :' )

    13. Booger Lips

      " I didn't get a cat " " oh . That's....interesting " "No , no , it's not .......Jen, I've always loved you . " you're single . I'm single . What the H are we doing here ? Wanna go get a burger with the fellas who played Major Winters, Bill Guarnere,Joseph Toye, Major Winters,the first born Hanks boy,the italian kid from Doogie Houser, effing Shaun of the Dead, Jimmy Fallon, he'll even a grown up version of the little fella from Jurassic Park, Tom Sellack and his wife ?.......nothin?Where you going ?????? Our show and Band Of Brothers, and little Timmy from The Pacific/ ruled !!!! "

    14. Gizzie Sugiswo

      😭😭😭😭 cant say anything except all these cast are incredible

    15. Li Jin

      What’s this music please?

    16. Star f

      Thank you Friends so much. You've helped me learn and love the English language, you've helped me get through some really tough periods in my life. I appreciate Friends. And now I too feel old xD will always be a fan

    17. Eliziane Rebouças

      Best couple ever ❤️❤️❤️

    18. gain athome

      David is a really amazing actor.

    19. Pikachu San

      what the music called? its so beautiful

    20. Ezequiel Baez Cambra

      Jennifer was reading the script, David became Ross

    21. Kristy L

      I’m fricking crying! 😢

    22. Aditya Kuntala

      Ross has the same voice

    23. Asuma Sensei

      Am I the only one not shocked that Courteney, Matthew and LeBlanc didn't have their own piece to enact ? x)

    24. GhostR!der

      They are better off together, it seems that way!!

      1. bartolomius christoffel

        What's the matter with you?

    25. Νικος Δ

      Παγκόσμιο αριστούργημα "τα φιλαρακια"

    26. Яна Новоселецька

      omg I don’t know why I’m crying 🥺🥺🥺

      1. Яна Новоселецька

        @Ý : ☹️

      2. Ý :


    27. Keryann Cargik

      To know that Friends has ended like 17yrs time flies.

    28. drooo13

      Damn white people aged horribly

    29. Suzanne Hewitt

      The scene was on point for back then till now.

    30. GIBBO4182

      The best TV show love story ever…

    31. Lalasstarr Sstarr

      How come the episode are not hbomax

    32. Bilal Hussain

      My babies 🥲

    33. Lucas Morris

      If The Reunion Had A Name, It Would Be….. The One With All The Memories.

    34. Rachelle Hill

      still my fave scene ever

    35. Yasmine Mahmood


    36. Hekate

      what happened to jen's voice? it sounds much thicker

    37. Anik 86

      Amazing show 💗 What is that music in the background?

      1. Anik 86

        @Stephanie Murphy Exactly, it's magnificent 😀

      2. Stephanie Murphy

        @Anik 86 haha all good. It’s so beautiful everyone needs to hear it

      3. Anik 86

        @Stephanie Murphy Thank you, because that'd bother me. I knew commentators would't let down. 😄🧡

      4. Stephanie Murphy

        Just like giants

    38. Joseph Lucas

      Just beyond incredible

    39. Delman Pronto

      didn't even invite each other to their weddings lol

      1. Nibora

        Probably because the whole crush thing was just for publicity, and ratings. If you go to Aniston's Twitter page you'll see that even she is laughing about it. Cracks me up how gullible people are 😂😂

    40. Fun guy 3827

      Joey needed to dye his hair black. The grey just has to go. I'd definatly pay to see a friends movie still. I hope the cast brings their A game for this one and it's not all depressing. The original producers and writers would definatly help.

    41. May9k


    42. BlueJ

      He's her lobster

    43. Pamela Bonaparte


    44. keeping up

      I wish I can explain what this show means to me but it's too difficult to explain what this show me

    45. Jane C

      does anyone know the piano music playing in the background ?

    46. Cameron Muir

      Does anyone know the song which is playing in the background, I've been looking everywhere for it! Thank you 😊

      1. Cameron Muir

        @Stephanie Murphy amazing how people can help you on SEprom! Thank you 👍

      2. Stephanie Murphy

        Just like giants

    47. Casey Manuel


    48. J B

      Anyone help with the backing music?

    49. Jen Cat

      Hey hey heyyy! Where’s the Kiss?! From the top people!

    50. Joe King

      Jennifer Aniston is still my breast friend!

    51. niva laitonjam

      If you hate Rachel in the show, then Jennifer is a good actress. Rachel is portrayed as a selfish, shallow, spoiled girl and Anniston did a great job. We all hate Rachel in the show .

    52. Chen Chen

      Awe, so sad Ross’s voice is getting old.

    53. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      God I feel so old, seeing how much they've aged

      1. i P

        some more than others . . .

      2. Ginny. Gin

        Why are you EVERYWHERE

      3. Chen Chen

        Don’t say it out loud~

    54. Chioma Chukwu-Smith

      Am I the only one crying during 2:07-2:10? 😭 The emotion between them is still so obvious.

      1. Nibora

        That's pretty pathetic man 😂😂

    55. CatherineSV Bialosh

      I wish they had married for real and had children together….Even here they look perfect together ❤️❤️

    56. CatherineSV Bialosh

      This is my favourite scene ❤️❤️

    57. Marlene Borun

      … And this is exactly what men don’t see.. ..We get angry, upset and then we cry.. .. At least Rachel and Ross had a happy ending.. in the end …

    58. Miss Ruby Red FRIENDS SPECIAL THE ONE BEFORE WATCHING THE REUNION 💜 My vlog of some of the BEST BITS of this outstanding comedy series

    59. Ehrlichbleibtehrlich

      Did anyone else notice, that they arrive at the Studio Sets in the order in which they were cast?

    60. Steve Wyrick

      Out of all these actors and actresses, I think it's safe to say that Jennifer Aniston doesn't physically age.

    61. MrJedabak

      Jennifer Aniston’s voice is probably the one that has changed the most.

      1. ada edwards

        @stacey bautista she def did and when she got her Botox all over her face it made it worse

      2. Jonesy

        She smokes. That's why

      3. beatrixkiddo

        That's probably she smokes...

      4. stacey bautista

        @Carlos Machado she still has her precious laugh

      5. Carlos Machado

        @Sbaunz Lisa Kudrow is pretty much the same even after all that time...


      Friends cast entering the set be like every newbie entering the TARDIS !

    63. Μαίρη Νικολάου

      Does anyone know the piano song?

    64. \\ Srijan //

      He's her lobster!

    65. John Air

      everything was perfect until james fake cordon popped out ugh....


      David is the only one that's aged well. All the others are unfortunately terrible. The once handsome Matthews (both) have transformed into someone else. Heartbreaking.


      Sometime I wish I had my ross

    68. Eric Sajche

      Cole Sprouse should’ve been in Friends: The Reunion

    69. Unconditional Freedom

      I decided not to watch --the scenes of real life on YT are better--Because who wants to see scenes so beloved and watched a zillion times reinacted now? not me- :Could it be anymore lame?" lol whatever

    70. Iftihar Alam

      It's the kiss that changed all our lives.

    71. ask me

      her headlights are beaming like the show

    72. Eric Mormile

      My god! They act the scene way more dramatically than the original. Fantastic.

      1. Eric Mormile

        @Nibora I'm not saying it's better, it's just more dramatic, and it underline the fact that the two of them are incredible actors.

      2. Nibora

        You think they acted better in this then they did in the actual scene? Are you crazy? Have you even seen the actual scene??

    73. Adam Nemeth

      The best part of the whole Friends history can be seen in this video between 2:06 - 2:10

    74. Unexpected Otaku

      David is seriously talented. Always my least favourite character but I think that’s apart of him. He’s charming but annoying- and only good actors can make you feel that annoyed with the personality of a character.

    75. efcamb

      Jennifer's face doesn't move anymore

    76. Akash Biswas

      What is the name of the soundtrack behind? Anyone?

    77. Endah Rismala

      Just did like yesterday...

    78. Ashley Campailla

      Eh. Joey and Rachel were endgame. These two never made sense to me.

      1. Nibora

        You think Joey and Rachel being together would've been better than Ross and Rachel being together? Obviously you didn't watch this show from the beginning till the end if you think that. Ross and Rachel was destined to be together from the first day the show aired episode 1 back in 1994. You probably didn't start watching it till Nick at Nite started playing it in reruns😂😂😂😂

      2. E A

        Joey and Rachel had zero romantic chemistry, wasn't buying any of it.

      3. Ashley Campailla

        @Necip Kerem Dürmüş No chemistry? I truly wonder sometimes if people and I were watching the same show.

      4. Necip Kerem Dürmüş

        @Ashley Campailla it is like kissing your sister. Ross and Rachel had baby and stupid writers wrote joey and rachel. How can people say joey and Rachel were better? Maybe it would have made more sense.İ am sure it would have sucked because they have no chemistry together. Saying again joey rachel worst couple ever!

      5. Ashley Campailla

        @Necip Kerem Dürmüş I think everyone's mindset that Rachel and Ross were the couple of the show. They were endgame since season 1, episode 1, so no one really gave Joey and Rachel and chance and looked at them objectively. Joey really loved Rachel and took care of her. They had so much heart. They deserved to be happy together.

    79. Valeria Vernikou

      The best couple on earth. I could not imagine better chemistry in any show.

    80. Sonu Christopher K

      Ross is still amaaazing .. wow

    81. Beau Michael

      They would've made a great couple.

    82. Auntie Sissy

      Is this music available? It’s so beautiful. I am betting it’s made for this show but if it’s original or available I’d love to know.

    83. Madelyn Cesa

      David is actually a phenomenal actor

    84. Who knows: Nobody

      God loves you so much! He sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins 1 John 4:9 repent from your sins Jesus Christ is coming soon !revelations 22:20

    85. Donna Mann

      Who cares about this crap?!!!

    86. Batman

      Why do I cry every time when I see them...

    87. Fede Brown

      I love them all! I love everything! This reunion was beyond expectations! These guys deserve heaven!

    88. Olli James

      Why doesn't Ross, the largest male simply eat the other 5

    89. Deborah Lima

      Brasileiros 👍🇧🇷🇧🇷

    90. Valerie

      I could easily rewatch all ten seasons this way. A present-day table read with clips from the original scenes. I was smiling the whole way through these moments.

    91. tomah Bukha

      Maaaan The girls have aged horribly Or their surgeries are really bad

    92. Jefferson Gutierritos

      They look so old, that makes me so f sad

    93. Mskatz007

      What happened to Jennifer's voice?

    94. B4XCode

      Holy shit David's acting is amazing!! Just wow, the way he was looking at her while delivering the lines.... Just wow...

    95. Ross Geller Fan

      Well, We were on a break. Besides; I'm the one who has 3 divorces.

    96. Gianna Aguirre

      Courtney's narrating it's very tranquilizing and, I don't know, I really like her voice; and when in the script they (Roschel) kiss, Jen and David just hold hands on the table, makes my eyes wet. Just loved it Btw where can I watch Friends for free?

    97. A F

      What channel is HBO Max!!! FIOS

    98. red roberts

      Does anyone know what the piano music is called????

    99. andy 316

      Ive started watching through friends again and I never realised that Mindy was Baby from Dirty Dancing 🥴