Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max



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    Nine years ago, the original Gossip Girl website shut down. But after a new generation of New York’s young elite takes control of private school Constance Billard, the notorious blogger remerges as the number one source into their scandalous lives.

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    Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max


    1. K K

      See I was gonna pay for hbo max but nvm…

    2. Juliana Pires

      The only good thing is Kristen Bell for what i see....

    3. Juliana Pires

      The New Queen B is not glamourous at all! She Suely tries, but honestly i don't like this cast. Already miss Leighton Meester... 😭

    4. Paula Mello

      Guess what? Elite came after GG. It doesn't have an Elite vibe, Elite has a GG vibe and that's ok, there is enough space for all of those shows.

    5. aquaris1934

      Nooooo this will not work rather watch the original show it’s too woke and where is the fun that the original had

    6. Sam Daza

      Legit so excited

    7. eli

      it better be as good 😮‍💨😔

    8. Matt Levy

      Evan mock 🔥😳🤝🥶🤯🦔

    9. ᴘɪᴢᴢᴀs555


    10. Soinas Doyi

      gossipgirl comes back in this show dan should be mentioned like 50 times since he would be the first suspect

    11. Ally

      I looks good. But the cast in the original are iconic.

    12. Lucas Secret


    13. meg

      ok but this shit looks fire

    14. sumoni

      The only thing I hope is that this version doesn't take itself too seriously. Gossip Girl is a great show because it's superficial and fun. If I want serious and dark I'll watch Euphoria.

    15. Jellybean

      You know how everyone got paired with everyone in the OG series? Well since everyone is gay here, this time it'll be literal. The pairings gonna be endless lol

    16. Films • Channel

      i thought elite would be the best series of the year then HBO appears with gossip girl.

    17. chief 1 redwolf

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    18. Harmony Iona

      I’m definitely gonna watch 💗💗

    19. Karolina Sur

      This might actually… be good…

    20. amu

      SUPER RICH KIDS = Cherry on TOP

    21. Libni

      This seems iconic but not like first one sorry 😩💅

    22. Richard Rodriguez

      New resolution: Find a group of spoiled new friends that has met them VERY WELL since birth and live my best life. Nobody's gonna know. Or will they? Can't wait for this new interpretation of a 2000's-2010's tv classic that I never got to see. I'm excited because of it.

    23. emams

      Yeah no sebastian stan me no watch

      1. Tahmina Habeeb

        Hahaha maybe carter will make surprise appearance

    24. Rosarinho Campos Ferreira

      god this is horrible

    25. Biljana Lipovina

      bad copy

    26. dale hoki SEprom: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" SEprom: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков.

    27. Frank BenFit

      This lacks everything that made the original great, everything, also ruined with all that inclusivity crap

      1. Ashtyn Nicole


    28. Bokarik Karu

      im currently on season 1 of gossip girl.

    29. Natacha Sitbon


    30. Sunil Lall

      This is glamorize version of New York is weird to see when you don’t live in Manhattan but work their

    31. yaliso gioouy

      I’ve watched this like 5 times already.

    32. Anny Gabriela

      Blair qué te pasó?

    33. Sabina Houdkova

      In going to miss Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass Real star od Gossip Girl

    34. Beril Gür

      i somehow know that it won’t be the same without chuck and blair…

    35. Nicole Averion

      Se han cargado la serie de gossip girl

      1. yaliso gioouy

        relevant was him sleeping with Serena

    36. Glenn Gatlen

      I see a trend of young girls shaving their heads...

    37. moon_thelisa

      I'm almost 30 I can't do this with myself!!

    38. blaqpirate

      5 plus millions views in just 4 Days!!!

    39. Ramel Grimway

      VT NAF Inc

    40. Leah Wynne

      Of course I’m gonna watch the show now because there’s a Frank ocean song in the trailer. This is manipulation .

    41. Pinki Naik

      This doesn't look good. The original is 🖤💗

    42. London's World


    43. Amarachi Anozie

      1. why are the black girls all lightskin. 2. it's not giving the classy rich old money gossip girl vibe. 3. the male characters combined arent even remotely as hot as chuck bass......

      1. Tahmina Habeeb

        Or Nate

    44. Aesthetic Avocado

      No one can replace blair in the gossip girl!

    45. Carlos Herrera

      My god

    46. Honey

      so serena is a side character now???????????

    47. seaweed

      And without dorota. Hmm...

    48. Msq

      Lol that song with Audrey and Max at the end of the trailer

    49. sotuur aeei

      relevant was him sleeping with Serena

    50. ThisIsTheRoad

      This might be the most amazing trailer for a thing I could not care less about! :-o

    51. jade folmer

      Its more like I’m watchin other version of Netflix Elite

    52. Stephanie

      This is giving me knock off Elite

    53. Omkar Gurav

      1:31 Beck is here.

      1. sotuur aeei


    54. Omkar Gurav

      1:42 🔥🔥🔥

    55. Lele Diorr

      OMG OMG OMGGGG😍😍😍😍😍😍

    56. Pablo Herrera Rojas

      Thinking about this

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    58. Apostolic Kontizas


    59. Seh

      Wtf? This is so not gossip girl it’s just the American version of Elite. They shoulda named it something else tbh

    60. t r

      Boohooo I miss BLAIR!!! She’s iconic 😍

    61. Aleksandra

      BLAAAIR 😭

    62. Brenna

      Umm where’s dorota?

    63. amy ramirez


    64. Naica Labissiere

      This gives me elite vibes

    65. Sofia Fernandes


    66. arcticFolder

      that frank ocean(?) song, super rich kids 😂 hurts though

    67. I’m a boring woman

      The the white girl with black hair is a trans woman. She was in control z . So I guess she is going to represent trans people and that will be her secret. That was her biggest secret in the other show

    68. Ashton Brown

      I'm not sure how to feel about this, I'll probably check out and it might be really good. I just don't think it needed to he redone. I really liked Gossip Girl, but it was a guilty pleasure I could laugh about the stupid parts with my boyfriend and my best friend 🤣 I just don't think it's going to be the same.

    69. Colbi Cheri

      This Better be good because Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows!

    70. gtoss chddy

      idc what y'all say but this FEELS RICHER than the original

      1. Kez

        not you copying and pasting

    71. Anuk Long

      I'm having my withdrawals already hurry up and come back to me 🙃 my addiction

    72. Rachel Draper

      Oh I’m low-key excited for this. I don’t usually like reboots but this actually looks really good

    73. K T

      I thought they said the cast will be more diverse 🤦‍♂️

      1. Do not

        @le le They're still all light skinned so yeah. The point stands.

      2. K T

        @le le nobody spreading hate young man

      3. le le

        Sorry baby, try to spread hate in a next time 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 Evan Mock = asian; Zion Moreno = latin and trans; Whitney Peak = black; Savannah Lee Smith = black; Jodan Alexander = black.

      4. K T

        @Do not clearly shit crazy

      5. Do not

        Diversity in Hollywood = 5 white people, 1 black person & 1 asian. They have a very specific definition of diversity.

    74. Alex B

      Omg and it’s gay

      1. gtoss chddy

        damn this looks cinematic af

    75. Neto Guimarães

      Parece que vai ser loucura totaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaL

    76. paqua rutea

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    77. Tik tok


    78. luana santos


    79. Chisom Anyanwu


    80. Giovanne Barreti da Motta

      a surra em elite não pode parar

    81. Melany

      Idk why but the one with the shaved head doesn’t really look good with a shaved head. but she’s really pretty

      1. Daisy diamond

        I actually think she looks HOT ASF with her cut

    82. amia


      1. Daisy diamond


    83. ToJim

      Another sultry high school show I'm ready for it

    84. Nicole Outen

      Let’s be honest, Dan Humphries ain’t Gossip Girl, it’s obviously Joe Goldberg.

    85. YeBoiHam

      damn this looks cinematic af

    86. Julia Stern

      I dont really lıke cast and new fasıon

    87. GreyDweller

      I think gossipgirl is gonna be a dude

    88. Robin M

      God this looks terrible, would never be able to compare to the original. Definitely trying to appeal to the younger crowd.

      1. Robin M

        @nocchi. What?

      2. nocchi.


    89. Marina E

      No this cannot be called gossip girl. This just the American version of Elite.

      1. OussXch

        And elite is espagnol version of GG the original

    90. lateyshalane


    91. aylo N


    92. Grand Bay Central

      Watch Euro 2021 right now. 👍✌

    93. technogeekShoaib

      I love that Kristen Bell is back as the Gossip Girl

    94. Neha Ninan

      American version of elite?

    95. tamish goyal

      Stupid show

    96. Hannah Moss

      Isn’t the first suspect Dan? Haha like a middle aged man is gonna be brought into the station for an interview about an insta account

    97. May D'velra

      Is this supposed to be parody?