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    Ash has just been hired as a teacher, and recounts a story to his friends about being told to remove any books from the school library that may "promote a homosexual lifestyle." When asked later if he's found any material that falls in that category, he says no - because there was nothing to find in the first place.

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    No Gay Books In The Library | It’s A Sin | HBO Max

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    1. nonconformist


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    3. Jacob Payne

      I never really watch shows like this and i don't really care what gay people do but this just looks like people grouping up and complaining about people not liking homosexuals. Some people don't. Get over it. You're better than this, hbo. #restorethesnyderverse

      1. Dylan C

        @Jacob Payne The same concept... of homophobia existing?? That's not a concept, that's a reality, and it deserves to be spoken about. People like you are part of the problem. Something homophobic happens, gay people complain, you get more annoyed at gay people for complaining than at the actual homophobia in the first place. The world used to be a lot more homophobic, and it was campaigns and fighting back and complaining loudly that has made the world a better place for LGBTQ people today. So don't you dare tell people not to complain when they're being mistreated. Seriously reflect on your thought-process.

      2. Jacob Payne

        @Dylan C Yea, you're right. It's only the 5 millionth thing to use this same concept, and it comes off as a broken record. People who disagree aren't just gonna watch anything like this and suddenly change their mind over their religion or just pure homophobia. I wish the world would stop trying to find everything wrong with homosexuality but complaining about the same thing over and over again until you force people to agree with you isn't gonna work. Try something else.

      3. s s

        Exactly Jacob just like some people don't like straight white men and some people think men are transh. Even tho it's true I see so many straight white men getting mad for saying the truth. So what of straight white male are trash move over it.

      4. Dylan C

        How dense and unempathetic do you have to be to see someone pouring their heart out at the lack of representation of gay people in the 80’s and just see it as people grouping up against straight people. Congratulations on posting quite literally the dumbest statement I’ve seen in a long time, you should be embarrassed.

    4. Altaaf Khan


    5. Nat Elyk_645


    6. Camilo poloni


    7. Canon BOOM!!!


    8. Andy Pazos

      #RestoreTheSnyderverse #releasetheaffleckcut , #bringbackbatfleck , #batfleck , #releasethebatfleckfilm , #DeathstrokeHBOMax, #HenryCavillSuperman ,#MakeTheBatfleckMovie ,

    9. Pokemon Master

      I wish HBO Max put Batman vs teenage mutant ninja turtles Justice society world war 2, three ed edd n eddy Specials, ed edd n eddy big picture show, Kangaroo jack g'day usa, Dino King Journey to the fire mountain

    10. Jett Dunford

      HBO max, Please, I beg of you, please, #RestoretheSnyderVerse

    11. CDark


    12. Augustin Ayala


    13. Nathan John


    14. Good Luck World

      That wouldn’t happen what a load of shit oh it’s HBO of course

    15. Marcelino Dreams

      Is this really a law there?

      1. fyouflipflops

        There was in the 1980s when this show is set

    16. Isra Huerta

      #Pride #LoveisLove