Queerness in Conversation: Hacks (Hannah Einbinder & Meg Stalter) | HBO Max


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    Hannah Einbinder and Meg Stalter sit down to discuss queerness on the Max Original .

    Max Original "Hacks" explores a dark mentorship that forms between Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), a legendary Las Vegas comedian, and an entitled, outcast 25-year-old (Hannah Einbinder).

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    1. uh huh oh well

      Exactly. Time to have bi sexual characters that have “character” and personalities more complex than their sexual orientation. Get over it, Hollywood.

    2. lvill

      looking back.. you're gay, just don't know there's a term for it 😆🏳️‍🌈

    3. Sofia

      'she/her/hers.. for now *wink*' god that's a mood

    4. Altaaf Khan


    5. Augustin Guy Paulin

      I feel good with HBO Max.

    6. Russell Thander

      I wish hbo max showed this amt of support in da middle East...😭

    7. Banned Mann

      Great parody.

    8. Nick Sweat


    9. Marius Plama


    10. Naty Channel

      #infinitytrain #infinitytrainbook5 #releaseinfinitytrain

    11. Alex Martin

      This pandering is disgusting. I'm gay 12 months out of the year. Not just 1.

      1. Nicholas Bogosian

        @Chlamydia Cockburn I was implying that she's not the pandering type, though HBO may be.

      2. Chlamydia Cockburn

        @Nicholas Bogosian queer people can joke about their own culture

      3. Nicholas Bogosian

        Meg Stalter has done quite a few videos where she mocks Pride

    12. Grandiloquent Guyver

      Shame on you

    13. Kat D.


      1. HBO Max


    14. CDark


    15. Augustin Ayala


    16. Ajay hirve

      Waiting for the kind hearted person who can actually support me from this heart and understand my problem 💔🥺🙏🙏😭..

    17. TheArchiver

      Bet y’all 31st at the second of midnight they delete this

      1. Chlamydia Cockburn

        @TheArchiver cuh

      2. TheArchiver

        @Chlamydia Cockburn bruh

      3. Chlamydia Cockburn

        get over it

    18. Akshat Kotak

      Hey wassup like up

    19. Naty Channel

      Go HBO Max