Space Jam: A New Legacy | Official Trailer #2 | HBO Max


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    LeBron James and the Tune Squad only have one shot to win the highest stakes game of their lives. Watch them battle it out on the court against the Goon Squad in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

    James stars alongside Oscar® nominee Don Cheadle, Khris Davis, Sonequa Martin-Green, newcomer Cedric Joe, Jeff Bergman and Eric Bauza. Malcolm D. Lee directs from a screenplay by Juel Taylor \u0026 Tony Rettenmaier \u0026 Keenan Coogler \u0026 Terence Nance. The film’s producers are Ryan Coogler, LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Duncan Henderson, and the executive producers are Sev Ohanian, Zinzi Coogler, Allison Abbate, Jesse Ehrman, Jamal Henderson, Spencer Beighley, Justin Lin, Terence Nance and Ivan Reitman.

    Space Jam: A New Legacy will be available in theaters and on HBO Max, streaming only on the Ad-Free plan in the US for 31 days from its theatrical release.


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    Space Jam: A New Legacy | Official Trailer #2 | HBO Max

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    1. Talia Castro

      Must see this movie I'm going to love it😍😍😍

    2. Skull 3600

      I like who they don't even mention the voice actor, they just say "bugs bunny" 😅

    3. Ian Said

      Gossamer is my favorite Looney Tunes character of all time. And now, he's part of the team!

    4. Amanda Hunnicutt

      I Have the first space jam & I used to play this game on my snes called looney tunes b-ball I miss that game

    5. SiliconDrifter

      What a hunk of shit

    6. cody the lego master

      Whily kiodie the movie

    7. Rachel Lucas


    8. Richárd Kutsera

      Their 3D models are so nice, detailed and smooth tho! I like it!

    9. [this is saah_]

      i love how daffy wears his expensive suit throughout all the trailer/movie

    10. Max Love

      Clearly Godzilla bet on the other team

    11. DStock


    12. FearTheCrow

      how to ruin a great movie 101. add a shitty lead who only gives a fuck about money, rip off the entire plot from the first movie. BAM MONEY!

    13. RundownOcean 2k3

      This movie is going to bomb hard

    14. MrCracky13

      Queen James makes this a trash movie

    15. MrLetter

      I can already hear the GPU fans of some people spin up to render the new Lola Bunny model.

    16. Milomondo

      With all the controversy Warner created about this spin off to pander to "SJWs" I dont feel like it will be good...better talk about what makes iit original.

    17. the hamster

      Daffy Duck be like I got my money on the other team 🤣🤣🤣

    18. the hamster

      I need that jersey

    19. The Avengers Fanatic

      The Feel,Tone,Look and Style for Space Jam A New Legacy Movie is Perfection.

    20. The Avengers Fanatic

      Next Month 👏

    21. The Avengers Fanatic

      The 3D Animation&CGI for the Tune Squad is just so Amazing 😍 i still can't get over it!

    22. joe hernandez

      My dude Pepe le pew and speedy are nowhere to be seen because of all the overly sensitive bitches in our society …. 😡😡😡

    23. Robertson Skywalker Official


    24. FLUXXEUS

      I'm not feeling Lola's voice... gotta wait and see I guess 😂

    25. Sashenka Salas  the queen


    26. Jennifer Fuentes

      I love the bunny He my favorite Me*At the cartoon worlds* Bunny:What up doc Me:Omg am I dreaming

    27. Sith Lord Exar Kun

      Looks like another lame attempt to reboot something, and with someone most people hate too, Lebron.

    28. Little Pidgey

      This is CGI done right. The looney tunes still look like themselves and they look good 👌

    29. David Ramos

      I wonder if Bron will disappear to Miami for two weeks to get his “secret stuff”

    30. chris cabel

      QUEEN James.... not interested wtf

    31. Pafriskus Phoouv

      In 3D design Lola looks a little better than her current 2D model

    32. Tyson Tremblay

      Looks worse than the first one

    33. rogerm4a1

      Jordan was better

    34. JechtX

      I wonder if SpaceJam is a movie in the Matrix universe

    35. Shourjya Ghosh

      childhood returns ❤️❤️❤️

    36. Mohammad Baloch 11

      0:20 i like the logo of the WB/WAB

    37. Ambalavanan T

      King is here

    38. MrJogi86

      I wanna thank all gays lesbians and whatever pseudo special grp exists that you cried loud enough over Absolutely everything the last 15 years so that you they're even ruined Lola in freaking space jam... You can fck off someday you know

    39. grod805

      I cringed at the " I'm shorter than Kevin Hart" line

    40. Alindo Al Qavi

      Damn bugs bunny still my fav loony toons character. Nothings changed😂😂

    41. philandmik heard

      they learnt their lesson from MJ and used cartoon Lebron to do most of the acting

    42. Socaliente

      2 minutes to go. Tune Squad down by 20. Lebron's son's life is on the line. --------Lebron walks off the court and into the locker room.

    43. Shardu's Blunder

      Derpy Lolla

    44. Martin Sarkis

      War machine !

    45. Martin Sarkis


    46. Shadic boom

      I love this movie already and haven't watched it yet. The first one was also amazing

    47. EVLfreak666

      Nice, the most hated NBA player of all time, Lebron James.

    48. YT censored

      Hard pass. I'm not going to watch anything with the race hustling piece of trash LeBron James.

    49. sat han

      Old Lola bunny fans assemble.

    50. Stephen Misczuk

      The only thing that sucks is the Skunk can’t be in Space Jam 2

      1. THE Disney Nerd

        Wait why not

    51. Marquis Pitts

      Michael Jordan needs cameo

    52. 82 Pythons

      I’m a huge Looney Tunes fan, but I wouldn’t watch this woke shit if you paid me. They hired the most hated basketball player on planet Earth for this!? Are you insane or just stupid, WB!? Warner Bros majorly screwed up wasting this awesome animation style on this shitfest no one is excited for. For the love of God make a Looney Tunes movie that for once doesn’t star humans (like a World of Mayhem movie, there’s an idea! Or how about a Duck Dodgers movie with all the toons... duh!). Hollywood is full of morons, I swear.

    53. Robsonski Jr

      It's worse than I thought.

    54. Moeed Hussain

      LeBron gonna flop in this too

    55. mbeuguel


    56. Brunson III Films

      If Mel Blanc was still alive he would’ve did all the voices for all the characters for the whole movie by himself and put all the voice actors out of work.

    57. Hi

      " IM shorter then Kevin Hart" LOL 0:10

    58. Divine Zamasu

      God LeBron makes this cringe as fuck

    59. Carter M.

      1:37 That shouldn't sound as badass as it does

    60. Tokyo Japan

      I think they overdid it, on graphics they should have left it nice and simple. but because they have the money , they went over the top

    61. Kat G

      Ah yes, the terrible but well intended acting performance of a pro athlete. We love it

    62. TQ LLA

      And the Oscar goes to.... Lebron James.

    63. Pika Pizza15

      Bugs Bunny is a celebrity I'm similar to according to a test thing. Does that mean I'm similar to all the Looney Toons

    64. Geralt Of Bolivia

      I really don’t like this

    65. RentallyChallenged

      Pretty sure I just watched the whole movie. 🤔 No need to actually see it now. 🤷‍♂️

    66. Guro Ta

      Leracist trying to be like mj

    67. محمد الزامل


    68. محمد الزامل


    69. Arihasy

      I feel like i just saw the whole movie

    70. Adventures of Gerald and Rhia

      Is there an edit of this movie without LeBron?? The movie is perfect except for LeBron.

    71. DirtMilk :3

      I don’t like it

    72. celeste morency


    73. Gananathan 6382

      Tamil dubbed is available

    74. Red-Haired Shanks

      The took away Lola’s huge.. Personality. Thanos was right, reality is often disappointing.

      1. ijion Clifton

        No they didn't

    75. Divine Chareka

      This is gon be good, can't wait!!

    76. tysoon363636

      Awesome! This is my first time I praise a WB movie. Better don't disappoint please!

    77. William McCollom

      The only voice that actually sounded right was Daffy, the rest are completely different. Kinda sad.

      1. Brunson III Films

        If Mel Blanc was still alive he would’ve did all the voices for all the characters for the whole movie by himself and put all the voice actors out of work.

    78. 2 shots of vodka

      They nerfd Lola bunny

    79. Bigolpanda

      All I heard was "Mask Off".

    80. anime text mania 2.0

      So it's a NBA player against war machine

    81. r o

      Wow it's all in the trailer no need to watch the movie tnx 😆😆😆😆😆👍

    82. Ciaran Deaville

      Lmao, this just looks like another trashy reboot of my childhood

      1. Dummy Bear

        It probably is.

    83. Todd DeGennaro

      This is going to suck

    84. dodgers4444

      Do u think lebron will walk off the court early

    85. Sassy Sasquatch

      Bet me a thousand bucks right now they kneel before their game starts, and another thousand that there’s at least TWO orange man bad references.

    86. Franklin Basil

      Is he going to dox another police officer in this "movie?"

    87. OhDuckhee

      He has a better team here than the lakers lmao the toon squad could probably pass the first round. lol

    88. DuvenMd 2

      I love tweety granny bugs daffy taz

    89. athena crane

      Hearing Zendaya voice as Lolu is werid

    90. H8erade9

      Looks wack as fuck

    91. RebelDaSoundz

      Space Jam: A New Legacy How To Go From 6-0 to 3-6

    92. RebelDaSoundz

      A Rip off of the Classic Movie originally made by Michael Jordan

    93. Ricardo Alanis Resendiz

      King Kong fist-pumping the iron giant is something I didn't know I needed.

    94. Metaphysical Grace

      Dame.....they did Kevin dirty....this gonna be on repeat until it comes out. He's gonna be so over that joke he might actually get taller 😂

    95. Michael Switzer

      Looks even worse then the first one

    96. Leaf Anew

      Will Lebron flop in this movie too?

    97. David Hill

      The original film was released during my junior year of high school.