The Let Out: A Legendary Podcast Ep. 7 - The Impeccable House of Tisci | HBO Max


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    After what will undoubtedly be the most talked-about exit of the season, Mikelle talks with West Coast Mother Gia Tisci and house member Simone Tisci about the elimination no one saw coming. With that out of the way, they also discuss Gia’s legendary career on ballroom runways, Simone’s career outside of the scene building her life as a celebrity makeup artist, and how Legendary is putting a spotlight on femme queens this season.


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    The Let Out: A Legendary Podcast Ep. 7 - The Impeccable House of Tisci | HBO Max

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    1. BaguetteetCheese

      35:58 hahahah !!!

    2. John George

      My heart goes out to these guys , this house was truly Legendary . they deserved to be in the finals .

    3. iljr01

      this was the worst episode, ever, and Balenciaga will win this season zzzzzzzzzz

      1. Cyng Carter

        they didn’t win

    4. Jonathon

      Not them using the "HBO edit" 🤦🏾‍♂️

    5. JDUB77

      Let's talk about it! The beginning audio and the video about Simone Tisci reading the judges was edited HBOMAX! It is so late for them to do that! But other than that this particular video is awesome! Good job.

    6. bobtdqvideos

      Track record should absolutely matter when it is a tournament style competition! Unless you are chopping up the prize money per episode, track record should matter! There's so many questionable rules going on and there's clearly a problem with production when the houses with the best track record never win

    7. Dhenifer Aquino


    8. Dhenifer Aquino


    9. Bill Sampson


    10. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Very good

    11. DJHannibalRoyce

      idgaf. ya was robbed

    12. Renato Herculano

      Simone said what needed to be said off course!! I dont undestand so many high pontuations to Balenciaga during that show.. Injustice.

      1. Jordyn T

        balenciaga by contract was going to make it to the final 3

    13. Jay O

      Seriously sort out the Judges panel. There is nothing more frustrating than watching unqualified people critic an art form they’ve no knowledge in. Tisci going home is not sitting right, at all.

    14. Ali

      Tisci did the damn thing and should be so proud of their impact 💕. CDG should have been gone on episode 5. Orrici had less potential than Tisci and should have been gone. The arbitrary high scores for some of these houses, no ma'am.

    15. Hawaiian gurl


    16. ReyyVision

      I honestly don’t think house parents should defend they house in the battle. Like Megan said why he had to come up there twice

    17. Marz blaQ

      #JusticeforTisci Duh!

    18. Royce Dionisio Ogot

      I wanna see the Tiscis back for another episode. ☹️

    19. Mark Alvarado

      first of all those judges are not qualified, their critiques week by week are ALL OVER THE PLACE. i’m over this season and i’m glad that i was not that invested ever since the riggory of season 1 because CLEARLY lanvin deserves it and now tisci???? sis no

    20. Jalon Gilbert

      This is a really great host!

    21. Courtney Walker

      I love them. Each episode they were given what needs to be done!!!!!!! Love y’all

    22. Jay Moneyyy

      it's wild I really didnt think Omari won that duel...Simones attitude was disgusting tho. take the L boo

    23. Ballesca Vachon TV

      People mad at Megan & Law cause they gathered her, but bottom line is she lost. She would have not got her tens at any ball for that battle. Megan law and Leyomi are the best judges. It’s a competition you gotta bring your a game every night no slacking no night is guaranteed just because you had good pass nights.

      1. Laila Sears

        stop because they judge on a curve! depending on house to house. they dont keept the same strandards at all. garcon was SLOPPY but they got tens and nines. the judges even said, "well oh you slipped but its ok do better next time so imma give u a 10". like HUH?!! Law gotta go, meg and meela go either way and lei sometimes too. This season is rigged and there is stuff going on behind the scenes.

      2. Jason Eng

        I think Simone herself wouldn't disagree to that. Oricci won the battle hands down. She was just mad at the scoring system cause it makes absolutely no sense. That was what she was standing up against. Every week they do so well in their house performance yet because they didn't get the extra 10 points they're forced into the bottom which is just unfair.

      3. Liquid Light

        lol please. Law giving Ballenciaga a low score because Honey criticized his wardrobe but out of his same mouth said that Shannon's pants reads like a Delta stewardess. The same designer that he was capping for that put those shoes on Honey was also the same one who put those pants on Shannon. Judges giving scores based on potential (Jamila) instead of the actual performance is BS. Leomi rightfully called her out on that.

    24. Vic TheBoy

      Tiscis did a good job for as far as they came, but you can’t say anyone is robbed just because they had good pass performances. It’s about what you do that night. And in ep 7 they wasn’t the worst for the house performance but when it came down to the categories they didn’t bring it & that’s how they lost the night. On top of the fact that Omari vogued the fucking house down which everyone knew he would. She lost the battle so they lost. It’s the name of the game.

    25. Shamar

      It would be great if Jameela and Meg were off the show. Get more ballroom icons on the judging panel

      1. Shamar

        @Julia Hübel Doesn’t mean she has to be a judge

      2. Julia Hübel

        Jameela is a producer tho

    26. Patricia L.

      It is obvious it is totally rigged to favor Balenciaga. Let's see if my comment is deleted - because they don't like people telling the truth.

    27. Lauren G

      It was hard to see Tisci walk away- I hate the new scoring system, but it's still a competition. One slip up and you could lose your spot

    28. Las bestias de George

      Tisci may be not be your favorite but they deserved a spot in the finals. Period.

    29. Nyc Nyc


      1. naturalDrkskin

        I was like if they go home I don’t even want to watch no more

    30. Márk Németh


    31. diego villalba

      The scoring system is notttt right HOW the house of balenciaga got to be at the top And tiscis on the worst

    32. Daniel Arzola

      Episode 7 was a disaster. First by hiding the presentation of the hands. WTF ?! All the illusion was gone. Tisci was robbed! This season of Legendary feels scripted.

      1. Patricia L.

        It surely is, rigged for Balenciaga.

    33. Alex B

      Simone’s walk off was the drama I needed

    34. juryjury

      This show is garbage. Tisci should have stayed. But it is judged by morons who I have 0 respect for because they are clowns giving 10's to garbage. Needless to say, I will not be watching ever again

    35. Layma

      Not the Mugler shade I can't 😂😂😂 Mother Gia is so wise, such an inspirational woman 😍 Tiscis are the true winners of the season ❤

    36. Joao da Mata

      This season completely lost its appeal after the last episode. The judging is absolutely ridiculous. Law and Megan missed the opportunity to stay silent with their no ball room knowledge and inconsistent judging. Just get them out of this panel already.

      1. Helo Halo

        legit, Law has a boring basic girl fashion sense, and Megan needs to stick to twerking.

      2. Aysia J

        We definitely need a new set of judges

      3. Patricia L.

        These judges are a joke.

    37. Lilos Naranjo

      Tiscis were the best house this season period. They deserved to be in the finale. After their elimination lost interest. This scoring system needs to change.

      1. Nyc Nyc

        MeG and law need to go

      2. Royce Dionisio Ogot

        For real tho 💯 not gonna deny that Amari vogued the fvck down but Tiscis are on a different level than other houses when it comes to performance. They didn't earn superior houses for nothing. Legendary better have a wildcard or something

    38. Jesus Gutierrez

      Definitely ROBBED!! ITS ABOUT OVERALL PERFORMANCE!! They were destroying the competition. They did the same to Lanvin!

      1. Royce Dionisio Ogot

        They should put a wildcard episode where fallen houses battle the remaining houses. I mean- Just bring the Tiscis back lmao

      2. Jesus Gutierrez

        @Shane Terry -Tennis News Updates the Lanvins had like 4 superior house trophies if I remember correctly the most out of everyone in the top 3. They deserved to win off track record. I think if it wasn't for Father Balmain they would've never won. He carried that house the whole way. The Tiscis should've won this competition by a landslide!

      3. Shane Terry -Tennis News Updates

        Right lanvin too but i feel like performance wise S1 was more tightly contested. Any of those top 3 houses could have won imo on this season tisci was blatantly the best house there 🤦🏽‍♂️ and was robbed !

      4. Jesus Gutierrez

        @Royce Dionisio Ogot Yeah it seems like they're worried about reality tv not actual performers and bringing the ballroom mainstream! This is a give it to your girlfriend scenario! They out did everyone every single week! Mother Gia was the only house mother to actually vogue not just do runway (cough Balenciaga cough) and vogue isn't even a category she walks! This show needs new judges and judges that have been in the ballroom scene themselves and are actually LEGENDARY/ICONIC! Not judges that don't know shit about the scene! That's how shit like this happens!

      5. Royce Dionisio Ogot

        ugh yes!! Lanvin should've won S1. Just like Tiscis should.

    39. Yamileth Arias

      Was Simone’s attitude ugly? Yes. Do I also understand her frustration? Absolutely. The house of Tsci shouldn’t have gone home. Nina Oricci overall as a house was not as strong as Tsci.

      1. Jonathon

        It wasn't really an "ugly attitude". It wasn't fair and she knew, and she tried to walk away, but they asked her to come back. And she let them have it, that's what happens.

      2. JDUB77

        The beginning audio is edited by HBOMAX! is so late and tired!

      3. W.tavious Owens

        @Andre Harris exactly what I'm saying that 10 point challenge have gotten aga out the bottom to 1st twice and it should been aga and Garcon in the bottom 2 because as much as I love tonka he had been the weak link the last few weeks but the house as a whole as been blah every since week 3 jus sayin

      4. Andre Harris

        Both of them being eliminated before Garcon is the real gag. Tisci and Oricci did better than them in the hand performance (and every performance tbh), and we all know they've been receiving sympathy votes MOST of the season

      5. Royce Dionisio Ogot

        Facts 💯

    40. Andy Pazos

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    41. Jamar Moore

      I refuse to watch the rest without Tisci 🤷‍♂️

    42. Kanoe Wilson

      House of Tisci was my favorite. Itʻll be hard to watch the rest of the season.

      1. Nyc Nyc

        THAT PART‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    43. Cheetxz_

      can these heteros shutup in the comments about their superheroes, go comment that stuff on dc related videos

    44. Flix Ti


    45. Dark Knight

      Cultural marxism is CANCER.

    46. Dark Knight


    47. Altaaf Khan


    48. Marius Plama


    49. Сергей Климов


    50. GG Darkmatt3r

      Bye 👋

    51. Nick Sweat


    52. Luis Mavares

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    53. Plinio Santos

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    54. Royce Dionisio Ogot

      But tbh, Tisci deserves a spot in the finals.

      1. H3FOO FROST

        THIS! Balenciaga and Tisci top two...GOOP

      2. DQ Fresh

        Same thing I said

    55. W W


    56. Barry Allen

      Hbo max is pushing gay agenda real hard it seems.

      1. CayenneWest

        Why are you here? No really. Why are you watching and then come here and listen to the podcast???? Too much intention to be asking all these questions. It’s ok just love yourself

      2. W.tavious Owens

        @Liquid Light O THA SHADE 😂😂😂 I love it

      3. Shamar


      4. Liquid Light

        Sounds like you have some repressed issues. If you were a confident man, a show on HBO max that you're not obligated to watch wouldn't bother you. Just sit back and watch the show with your boyfriend.

      5. Cheetxz_

        this show was one of the first hbo max originals and it’s one of the most successful, just bc something is gay does not meant that they’re pushing representation

    57. Gino

      #restorethesnyderverse #renewinfinitytrain

    58. ˝ცŢȘ👑,Ăℜᶆỷ˝


    59. Augustin Ayala