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    Take your notebooks out, because is here to give us all some of the deepest and realest quotes that have ever been delivered on screen.

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    The Most Iconic Lines From The Wire | HBO Max

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    1. Nathan John

      One of the most iconic lines: #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

    2. Virtual HellPriest


    3. G Man

      You'd rather live in the shit than let people see you working a shovel - Daniels World going 1 way, people another - Poot You want it 1 way, you want it 1 way...but it's the other way - Marlo Man, money ain't got no owners...only spenders - Omar


      *00:52** Universal Quote!*

    5. Vincent Frederick

      "What the fuck did I do?"

    6. bye

      Thanks to Corona i have watched singlehandedly almost every classic I've seen suggested online and god damn do i just keep thinkin about the wire it was maybe 4 or 5 months and it's still something i just cant help but not forget, the show had one of the best endings compared to dexter or the sopranos but the way the characters ended hurt, especially dookie who was failes by the system and ended up just another junkie plus the Mr P story line, omar easily one of the best characters ever.

    7. Dan Draper

      I wish I had time to watch it again...

    8. Jason Wolfe

      You can keep Power, Snowfall and all other drug dealing crime dramas. I will take The Wire . I'm still obsessed with the show.

    9. The Berlinickerin

      I LOVE The Wire but these are some of the most generic quotes you could have found.

    10. Brennan Martinez

      Now do 1 from The Sopranos.

    11. Luis gaming

      The best show ever

    12. Altaaf Khan


    13. Threadpool

      "Are you takin' notes on a criminal fuckin' conspiracy?!"

    14. Renso Pinto

      There’s waaay more than that

    15. Aniket Borate


    16. eric bush

      Great great show those iconic Quotes the best

    17. Arjun Kumar

      You come at the king ......

    18. J Boone

      Lester said "Life is the shit that happens, while you're waiting for moments that never come." I can dig it

    19. Lasha Shubladze

      We need another video just for drunk Bunk's philosophical shit talk

    20. ali ali

      NORM! oops, wrong show!

    21. Andy Pazos

      #RestoreTheSnyderverse #releasetheaffleckcut , #bringbackbatfleck , #batfleck , #releasethebatfleckfilm , #DeathstrokeHBOMax, #HenryCavillSuperman ,#MakeTheBatfleckMovie ,

    22. Dr. Don Keedic


    23. John Mainz

      El verdadero the wire se mira en 4:3

    24. Augustin Guy Paulin


    25. Robert English

      The best show

    26. MalakianM2S

      The wannabe dramatic background music ruins it for me.

    27. Luis Mavares

      #WithoutSnyderNoHBOMax #CancelYourHBOMax #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #MeraAmberHeard #IStandWithRayFisher #MakeTheBatfleckMovie #ReleaseTheAyerCut

    28. Eddy The Martian

      The greatest quotes on TV from the best show on TV

    29. Van Jon

    30. Pokemon Master

      I wish HBO Max put Batman vs teenage mutant ninja turtles Justice society world war 2, three ed edd n eddy Specials, ed edd n eddy big picture show, Kangaroo jack g'day usa, Dino King Journey to the fire mountain

      1. Van Jon

    31. Joshua Varghese

      Where's "You come at the king, you best not miss"

      1. Van Jon

    32. CDark


    33. Augustin Ayala


    34. Svilen Vasilev

      THE BEST SHOW EVER period

      1. HBO Max


      2. Van Jon

    35. Marius Plama


    36. Marius Plama


    37. Marius Plama


    38. Mohamed Benyahia

      This series has dealt with topics that we have in my country

      1. Mohamed Benyahia

        @Jeff Williams Because I see my city in this series my neighbors my friends some of them have gone to university but sell drugs The people who are paid by our taxes only falsify the statistics media that turns a blind eye to problems for them the solution is to bring in more and more police officers instead of carrying out economic projects Because this series has well described my daily life that I have lived since I was a child

      2. Jeff Williams

        I’m curious what topics. Politics, education, crime, economics, what did you see?

      3. Van Jon

    39. Plinio Santos

      HBO MAX PLEASE REMEMBER WARNER TO #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheNewGods #ReleaseTheAyerCut #ReleaseDeathstroke #BatAffleck #ManOfSteel2 #ReleaseTheTrench #renewinfinitytrain

    40. Aaron Southan

      Wherever you go, there you are.

      1. Van Jon

    41. DreSaidSo

      sopranos, breaking bad, game of thrones, the wire the best shows ever created

      1. Luis gaming

        Better call saul > breaking bad.

      2. MalakianM2S

        GoT has no place up there.

      3. Van Jon

    42. Van C

      A banker cash me out Yo!… Boy u want a head on that body!, u best hop to!!!…🔥

    43. Armani Taylor

      The whole show is an iconic quote

      1. HBO Max


      2. jasmine hill


      3. Van Jon

    44. Van C

      I don’t know much about card’s!, but i think these 4.5’s! Beat a full house!…

      1. Van Jon

    45. RAGHAV

      Pawn man , 😘

    46. Chali _Do


    47. Son-Goku

      “Omar’s Coming Yo!!”

      1. Van Jon

    48. Al Jaber


    49. Gustavo Fring

      Omar Is coming

      1. Carmela Casper

        Hi Spreen, I do quick spoiler-free reviews. In case you are interested.